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Unique and Collectible Wooden Castle Signs - Item #cc1999

The old saying is "A man's home is his castle"
The signs are little works of art, ready to hang on a wall or door to welcome your friends to your home.  The greeting says,
"Welcome To Our Little Castle In The City!"  The castle sign measures 8 1/2 x 11".  There are only 6 castles signs for sale, one per customer please.  It will be first order - first sale for this item.  These decorations are based on the picture, "Gwynie's Castle in the City."  The signs were carefully hand-cut and crafted by Ora Cullup.  Finally, the signs were hand-painted by the talented artist Sue Stinar. The photograph of the castle sign is by Colorado photographer, Brian Austin.  These decorative pieces complement the background of any "Little Castle in the City!"  We hope to offer these signs again next fall but can not guarantee that they will be available.

 Item #cc1999   City Castles®, LLC Sign $59.95 plus $7.95 S/H

Introvert Book Club Book Marks - Item #cc9065



Printed in color, on glossy paper, "Introvert's Book Club", bookmarks, feature the Book Club's emblem (the three sisters reading).  These pretty bookmarks compliment the notepads and guidelines.  An easy way to give your Book Club a sense of identity.

Item #cc9065-A    Pack 5 Bookmarks
 - $3.00 plus $1.00 S/H
Item #cc9065-B    Pack 10 Bookmarks
 - $5.00 plus $1.50 S/H
Item #cc9065-C    Pack 20 Bookmarks
 - $12.00 plus $2.00 S/H

Shamrock and Roses Notepads - Item #cc9066


In color, 5x8 notepads with the City Castles®, LLC Border.  This Celtic border is symbolic:  The vine stands for immortality, the rose for love and for joy, the Shamrock is for courage and good luck.  The Celtic knot stands for eternity.  We hope that the City Castles®, LLC Border will remind you and your friends of those important intangibles.  These Note Pads have a small picture of the "Introvert's Book Club" emblem placed in the bottom right portion of the note pad, and so they will work well for notes for your book club meetings.

Item #cc 9066-A    5 Note Pads - $19.95 plus $5.15 S/H Item #cc 9066-B    10 Note Pads - $38.95 plus $7.20 S/H


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